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Big Or Small, We Serve Companies From A to Z

Through our years of experience, we have handled many different fields and professions. Every line of work is unique, and our business will answer for your company according to your policies and instructions. Unlike large call centers, your calls are always handled at one central location. This allows our agents to work with one another and get the job done right. Our agents will get to know you and your business better as you will get to know them as well.

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We often see that medical facilities benefit the most from having a telephone answering service. Physicians offices, hospice care, and behavioral health are good examples. Unlike automated services, your patients will feel like they are receiving the care they deserve.


Electricians, HVAC companies, plumbers and other similar professions have an easy time leaning on our services to help deal with after hour calls, taking messages while on the job, and more. These services easily pay for themselves because we secure your leads.


We cover many types of professions. Businesses like attorneys, real estate and insurance agents remark that we make their job a lot easier through keeping callers in touch with their clients, scheduling, and other useful skills our operators provide.

Services not limited to the above. We have solutions to meet nearly any need.
Contact us and tell us what your needs are.



Customized to meet your needs, our staff work hard to answer according to your special instructions and needed features.


  • Flat Rate and Usage Rate Available 

  • No Contract Required

  • Free 1-800 Number

  • Daily Message Activity Report

  • Five Year Message Retention

  • Fail Safe Facilities With On-Site Backups

  • Close-Knit Staff With Years Of Experience

  • Text / Email / Fax Services

  • Overflow Answering & Dispatching

  • Customized Greetings & Instructions

  • Available 24/7/365

  • Family Owned & Handled With Care

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Three Generations of Telephone Answering Service

American Message Centers is a family owned and managed answering service that has served companies nationwide for over 70 years. George William Hunter, a confident pioneer in the telecommunication field, established our company to be a reliable and innovative group that went as far as being the first pager and two-way mobile phone provider in the tri-county. In 1946, our first operator, who was blind, would answer a room full of desk phones. Each was adjusted to a specific ringtone so she would know what company name to use when answering and took the messages in braille. Through hard work and attention to detail, we have become a close-knit super crew and the rest is history.



If you have any questions or interest in our service, call or email us anytime. Our president, Jeff Hunter, will speak with you personally and educate you on anything you would like to know.

We will work with any budget!

327 Vienna Ave Suite Two
Niles, Ohio 44446

P: 888-899-2089

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